They know you, they love you, they’re here to guide you
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Can we have cartoon character spirit guides? How about departed souls we’ve never physically met before, who show up to help us? Read on to find out about some lesser-known concepts regarding our spirit guides!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always found the idea of ethereal and otherworldly helpers incredibly fascinating. I believe there are sources who love, help and support all of us through our life journey. Even for those who don’t believe in anything they can’t visibly see. None of us are here to experience our challenges and victories all alone. When we’re dealing with obstacles, it helps to know this. No matter what, we’ve always got unseen friends who are ready to help us out.

Who Are Our Spirit Guides?

Some of us are more connected to Archangels and Ascended Masters as lifelong protectors. Others feel more in tune with the powerful spirits found in nature. There are also those who find their beloved guardians in extraterrestrial Light Beings. Regardless of the form they take (we’ll cover this in more depth shortly), what’s most important is the resonance you share with them.

There are as many definitions for what a ‘spirit guide’ actually is as there are people out there. Some say that spirit guides were once human like us. Being pure energy, their mission is to help us as we embark upon our soul’s journey to spiritual perfection. If you want to learn more about how our guides can help us with our spiritual endeavors, Tana Hoy has a really great blog which I’d recommend checking out.

I would define a ‘spirit guide’ as any benevolent energy who has made a soul agreement with us to help, guide and support us through our life journey. Because of their uninhibited vibrational nature, it’s a bit easier for them to access certain information that we may not be aware of. As humans, our egos and limiting beliefs can interfere with our soul’s natural ability to access unlimited knowledge and understanding. So it’s helpful to have a guide, or guides, that we can learn how to connect with to get the assistance we’re seeking. If you want to learn about ways to connect with your spirit guides, check out Gabby Bernstein’s blog post here.

A Uniquely Personal Connection

Learning about, and connecting with, your spirit helpers is a very personal and unique endeavor. Some ways in which they reveal themselves can seem unusual, or perhaps even unsettling. I know from my own experiences that there have been times where I’ve dealt with a deep sense of insecurity upon connecting with certain guides. He/She is making me feel like I’m crazy… I’ve discovered that in these cases, it’s not our helpers who are making us feel uneasy; it’s the egoic aspect of ourselves that’s putting up a resistance.

There is a way to work around this, though. Realize that the closer we come into contact with our guides, the more our egos are going to give us a hard time. Spirit guides truly have our best interests at heart. They want us to not only be able to freely connect with them, but with ourselves as well. So if you feel like your negative inner voice is creeping in, ignore it. You are NOT crazy to be in contact with your ethereal friends. All of us have guides – and you have both consciously and unconsciously chosen to work with yours for your highest good. It’s similar to the relationships you have with people in your life. The connections you share with your spirit guides are meant to enhance the quality of your life journey.

Bringing ‘Uncommon’ Concepts into the Light

While conducting my research over the years, I’ve noticed that certain topics seem to come up with very minimal information. For example, trying to find cases of individuals who have chosen to share their experiences regarding spirit guides showing up in the form of animated characters has been particularly challenging. It could be due to feelings of vulnerability. Revealing your connection with a high-vibrational being showing up in something that could be perceived by others as ‘silly’ or ‘weird’ could make even the most self-assured person feel a bit uneasy. Perhaps we hear more about the ‘common’ spirit guide experiences over the ‘uncommon’ ones due to social stigmas.

In response to the need for more of this ‘uncommon’ information to be made available, I chose to write this blog post. In it, I will be revealing some of my own unique experiences and findings pertaining to spirit guides. I will also be including a few stories from friends who have been kind enough to allow me to share certain aspects of them…

Our guides choose us – we don’t choose them

Our spirit guides have known us and been with us since the moment of our conception
(Photo Credit: ePi.Longo/Creative Commons)

I wanted to throw this in here as a starting point. Because I’ve read and heard about this concept quite a bit over the years, I can’t say that it’s really all that ‘uncommon’. But it’s definitely worth repeating.

From the moment when our soul comes into a human existence (i.e. our conception), we are assigned special spirit helpers. Their purpose is to help us out along our existential journey.Our spirit guides have soul connections with us that defy our egoic choices. However, I can assure you (from what I’ve learned through my own experiences) that you will not be disappointed. Even if you don’t feel a tremendous connection right away, it will develop in its own organic way. You don’t have to worry about getting a guide that you feel a mismatch with. Just like any friendship, the more you practice connecting with them, the better you will get to know each other.

Spirit guides can assume whatever form they want and they know what will get our attention

Isis – the Egyptian goddess of women, mothers and children – is a comforting guide to have during challenging times
(Photo Credit: Gary Todd/Creative Commons)

Spirit guides are as unique as each and every person on this planet. So when it comes to the forms they take to get our attention, it’s undoubtedly going to be something that you’ll feel a connection with. This may happen in a short period of time, or it could take longer – depending on whatever your level of egoic resistance is.

For this segment, I chose a picture of the Egyptian goddess, Isis, because she was one of my very first guides. Being very young, I didn’t know her name at the time, but I was aware of her presence.

Spirit of a Divine Mother

For all you 80’s kids out there, you might remember a Sesame Street special episode titled “Don’t Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art”. Someone in my family had recorded it onto a VHS tape, and it was one of my absolute favorites. I felt particularly drawn to the Egyptian artwork and artifacts. The scenes I enjoyed most were the ones where Big Bird and Snuffy were helping their young, Ancient Egyptian friend rejoin his family as a star in the night sky.

Though Isis was not mentioned anywhere in the episode, I would feel her presence in my room at night. I perceived her as a beautiful, ever-watchful, mother-like spirit that I knew was undoubtedly an Ancient Egyptian goddess. My mom worked a lot of late nights when I was very young. My dad (who worked from early in the morning into the afternoon), was most likely asleep when I woke up crying at night. For any young child, it’s incredibly upsetting to be wanting and needing a parent’s consoling presence, but nobody is there for you. This is where Isis stepped in to help me out. She’s been with me ever since that time as a spiritual mother-figure who’s always ready to comfort and console me.

Extraterrestrial guides can turn the hardest unbelievers into believers

We can have guides from other worlds, other galaxies, even other universes
(Photo Credit: Rod Ramsey/Creative Commons)

As we’ve learned so far, spirit guides can present themselves in any way they want – and this also includes extraterrestrial forms.

Perhaps they want us to realize that we are not the only lifeforms out there in the Universe. That we are not alone. This can also be interpreted in a much deeper way. That we have benevolent Light Beings who want to connect with and empower us with love.

Light and Love From the Stars

I used to be a hardcore skeptic when it came to anything existing outside of planet Earth. Anything alien-related (or even hinted at something that called “The X-Files” to mind), I’d pooh-pooh it. A big change in my thoughts came around 2012. I started questioning my limited beliefs. Especially those that I once dismissed as being ‘ridiculous’. I began researching various extraterrestrial topics; and I found myself particularly drawn to the energies associated with the Pleiades.

I learned that the Pleiadeans (as they’re called) are enlightened beings from the constellation of Taurus. These Light Guides have long been associated with helping and guiding humans along the path of spiritual evolution. For humans who have made a conscious choice to actively partake in Earth’s Awakening, it’s quite an honor to have enlightened friends from the stars offering their assistance to us. Even when the Pleiades aren’t clearly visible, I still enjoy being outside, looking up into the night sky, and holding onto a piece of Moldavite as I feel my guides channeling their messages to me.

You are NOT crazy if you have a spirit guide present themselves to you in the form of a cartoon character

Animated characters capture our imagination and attention, so it’s no wonder a spirit guide might choose to utilize a cartoon form!
(Photo Credit: Tatiana T/Creative Commons)

This particular way in which spirit guides can get our attention is one of my absolute favorites. However, it’s not all that well-documented. As I’d mentioned previously, it could be due to a cultural stigma which makes people uncomfortable with sharing experiences such as these.

A few years ago, I found one incredibly well-written blog post that someone wrote regarding their experience with a cartoon character spirit guide. They had attended a drumming circle workshop and discovered their guide in the form of the Grinch. Unfortunately, I could no longer find this post. I’m assuming it might have been removed. Or perhaps the person who wrote it had closed their account. Since then, I have yet to come across anything else akin to it.

That is – until a brave friend of mine offered to share her own story. We will call her ‘J’, to respect her anonymity…

‘Little Brother’

Her experience began in late 2001. Back then, ‘J’ was a big fan of Comedy Central’s “South Park”. There was a character who played a minor role in the series named Clyde. For unknown reasons at the time, she felt a connection with this particular character. ‘J’ had a dream where Clyde was sick in the hospital. The doctor mentioned he had bronchitis. The one thing which really stood out for her was that Clyde’s voice was not the character’s voice. Instead, it was the voice of a real-life 7 or 8 year old boy that she had never met before – but felt a deep soul connection with.

After this experience, watching “South Park” became somewhat of an uncomfortable thing – especially when the Clyde character played a role in an episode. When he was staring at the viewers, ‘J’ felt as if there was a presence behind the image of the character. It was as if he was staring into her soul.

She came to learn that she had a spirit guide named Clyde, who was her younger brother in a past life. This particular Clyde passed away at the age of 8, due to health complications resulting from bronchitis. ‘Little Brother’ (as ‘J’ began calling him) most likely used this character to get her attention. He had the same name, and there was the fact that he, too, was an 8 year old boy. She realized that he came to her in order to resolve a soul trauma they shared. Once this was accomplished, the discomfort surrounding the Clyde character diminished.

However, ‘Little Brother Clyde’ continues making his presence known to her, to this very day. He offers guidance and assistance – just as any benevolent spirit guide would do – and ‘J’ loves having him as a part of her life, just as she did when they were siblings in another existence.

Guides can come through to us as animals

Whether it’s a domestic pet, an animal at the zoo, or a wild creature, spirit guides can come to us in these forms in order to help us learn about ourselves through the natural world.
Photo Credit: Eric Kilby/Creative Commons

For those of us who feel deeply connected to the natural world, it makes sense that our guides would come to us via animals. It could be a domesticated pet, an animal at the zoo, or a creature living in the wild. This one might be a little more commonplace out there online (in comparison to the cartoon-characters-as-guides topic), but the personal story that I’d like to share might give it a fascinating twist…

My Animal Spirit Guide – Revealed

I made a decision in the spring of 2014 to make a formal connection with an animal spirit guide that I felt pulled toward working with: the jaguar. This big cat came to my awareness through a novel that I’d been reading at the time. The setting of the story was in Central America. The jaguar played important literal and symbolic roles throughout the story as the main character’s animal identity (as he himself was part-jaguar).

Thrilled by the idea of welcoming Jaguar’s powerful energies into my own existence, I started reading up on modern-day ways to do this. One idea was to make a donation to an environmental organization, such as the World Wildlife Fund, in honor of an animal. So I symbolically ‘adopted’ a jaguar and received a gift in the form of a plush jaguar in the mail a few weeks later

I spent time opening up to this connection, symbolically and energetically. I began seeing synchronicities which were linked to the jaguar. There were images of the big cat, as well as inferences to it – Jaguar vehicles, for instance. I realized, to my delight, that I had a new spirit friend who was making themselves known to me. Then I discovered pictures from many different sources online of one jaguar in particular that stood out to me. A captive male jaguar named Pacal.


He resided at a zoo which was about two hours away from me. However, at the time I unfortunately didn’t have a reliable-enough car to go out and meet him. It was even more unfortunate that at the end of that year, I learned that Pacal had passed away – due to complications from a medical condition.

It was especially after his death when I began feeling like there was something about Pacal and his image that both fascinated me and left me feeling a little unnerved. Have you ever had an experience where you’ve looked at an animal and you felt something – maybe even saw something – oddly human-like about them? I found myself thinking back to the story I’d read, which eventually led me to not only opening up to Jaguar’s energy, but discovering the charismatic ‘Pacal’…

Departed souls of everyday people we’ve never met can also be our spirit guides

Human-like spirit guides can assist us with everyday issues – from finances to family – because they know what it’s like and they want to help us out
(Photo Credit: JM/Creative Commons)

Let’s continue on with the experience I shared in the last section. I understand if things are going to start sounding a bit bizarre – as there is an overlap in topics – but hang in there. This is the best example I can give, in the case of a spirit guide that’s a departed soul who I’ve never actually met before…

More Than An Animal

In a lot of Pacal’s pictures, I saw something in him that struck me as being almost human-like. The way he folded his paws one atop the other called to mind the image of a business man sitting behind an office desk. There was something in Pacal’s eyes, in particular, that seemed incredibly attentive. Like he could’ve been a good listener – ready to provide his insights into a topic of discussion.

There is a saying that the eyes are the window to the soul. I don’t think I could agree more. Just looking at the photos, and even a few videos I’ve found, of this particular jaguar have opened me up to the possibility that the timing of his passing was not merely coincidental. He re-entered the spirit realm in order to help me out in multiple areas of my life, where I’ve long been struggling. This is especially true in the arena of my career/life purpose.

He Means Business

Whether ‘Pacal’ assumes the form of a jaguar, or the form of a successful businessman, both of these images are representative of power to me. In particular, the power of coming into one’s true Self – in its many facets. As humans, we exist on the material plane; and no matter what your views might be regarding money, it is a part of our existence that provides a means to the ways. So it’s incredibly helpful if you find yourself with a spirit guide who is here to assist you with your business ventures, and to help you with manifesting and managing your money in the best ways possible.

‘Pacal’ has been slowly but surely helping me with this. Whenever I’m working on something, I keep his images in the back of my mind – both the jaguar and the businessman. And most importantly, I feel his energy. It keeps me focused on the tasks at hand, and it keeps me going – knowing that I’ve got an unseen friend who’s helping me along my path.

Our childhood imaginary friends can reveal themselves as our guides

In many cases, imaginary friends we had as kids were actually our spirit guides! (Photo Credit: Karen/Creative Commons)

As young kids, a lot of us had imaginary friends. Their essence might have been infused into our dolls or toys, or perhaps they were totally invisible to others but so very real to us. Now consider this idea: just how many of us had an awareness that these lively playmates, whom others might have stated were just ‘products of our imagination’, were most likely spirit guides?

‘Me and the Turkey’

Another close friend of mine actually had quite a few imaginary friends that were of the ‘invisible’ nature. She would talk to them and include them in whatever it was she was playing. Though she would’ve loved to have tangible dolls for these personalities to inhabit (as many of these ‘friends’ were actually based on characters from TV shows or movies), her unseen companions were still as real to her as could be.

When she got older, my friend started dealing with health and financial challenges. However, she felt like certain ‘character friends’ from her past were making a comeback. One of them was a “really cool turkey character”, who she used to call ‘Me and the Turkey’. This was her very first imaginary friend at the age of 5. Every decade or so, he’d pop back into her awareness and catch her intrigue. She looked up the symbolic meanings associated with this animal. The turkey is associated with abundance and gratitude. She decided to embrace these messages that her turkey friend was sending to her. Pretty soon, her online store and social media outlets started to do better than ever!

My friend is very dedicated to her business. She is also very thankful that her longtime ‘imaginary friend’ proved himself to be one of her spirit helpers.

The Key to Connection

It has been said that children are far more receptive to connecting with their guides, due to the fact that their imaginations are still young and untainted. However, around the time when they’re old enough to start attending school, a child starts to question things that they may not have questioned before. This skepticism impacts imagination, which is a key ingredient to connecting with one’s spirit helpers. So it’s no wonder why a lot of kids become skeptical adults. But as we’ve seen within some of the aforementioned experiences, there is always hope for even a hardcore skeptic to become a believer. 

Spirit Guides For All of Us

I hope that this article has helped you with opening up to some new ideas regarding spirit helpers. Or perhaps it has brought you some more insight into your own experiences.

The bottom line is this: We live in an infinite universe, where all possibilities exist. Spirit guides have unique ways of showing themselves. There are countless ways they can do this in. Even for those who are skeptical about the topic, who’s to say that they don’t have an unseen force of some kind helping them out in their day to day existence? From my own experiences (and from hearing about the experiences of others) I’ve learned just how important it is to foster curiosity, and to maintain an open mind when it comes to working with spirit guides. They are here to help us in becoming who we want to become… and perhaps we can help them by allowing them to help us, too.

Have you had any interesting spirit guide experiences? Leave a comment on this post, and let’s enjoy a good share!

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