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Happy Saturday everybody 🙂

I decided to head out to one of my favorite Starbucks locations this morning to get some work done. It’s great to have the access to higher-speed WiFi (which is a bit of an issue where I’m residing right now), and the relatively quiet, calm atmosphere of this particular store is ideal for writing. Because it’s a bit of a distance, I don’t frequent this place any more than perhaps once a week (depending on my schedule) – but when I AM here, I try to make the most of it 🙂

Originally, I was thinking about using the concept of spring being in the air as my starting point in this post. However, I think I’ve already opened up the gates to my intended topic with the paragraph up above. For anybody who writes, it’s just another one of those unintended intros that you find yourself thinking, “Hey, this might be even better than what I’d initially had in mind – so let’s go from here!”

Where Is Your General Mindset At?

I’ve been finding myself re-exploring a lot of esoteric topics as of lately – LoA (Law of Attraction) being one of them. One of the biggest things that many people who have had success with LoA emphasize is the importance of one’s general attitude toward life. Do you believe that anything is possible – even if current circumstances present a lot of challenges? Do you view obstacles as challenges, or opportunities for learning and growth? Are you aware of the good things that you already have in your life, or have access to, and do you feel a sense of gratitude for those things?

‘Finding Your Place’ and Shifting Your Focus

Nurturing an attitude of gratitude can be somewhat of a challenge, in and of itself, at times – especially when you’re feeling like things just aren’t going right. I’ve learned from my own experiences that the manifestation process never needs to be done ‘perfectly’, but it is important to do whatever you can to genuinely find your ‘feel good place’ (or at least a ‘neutral’ place) when you’re down. Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling – but try not to dwell exclusively in it. Find that ‘neutral’ place – an internal space where you don’t feel either ‘good’ or ‘bad’… it just is what it is. And from there, you can start trying to focus on the little things – those people, places, things, etc. in your life that you are grateful for. By shifting your focus and your feelings to what you are thankful to have, you naturally raise your energetic vibration to attract more gratitude-inducing things. ‘Like attracting like’…

A Case Example at Work

Returning to what I’d written in my first paragraph, I’m expressing my pleasure and thankfulness toward being able to blog here at my favorite Starbucks on a sunny, spring-like Saturday afternoon. The results I feel like I’m manifesting from nurturing this attitude of gratitude are that the shop is still pretty calm and writer-friendly, the baristas prepared my beverage just the way I like it, I’m feeling very comfortable as I’m sitting here in one of the ‘cozy’ chairs in a quiet corner of the room, and I’m just very aware of a feel-good feeling in the atmosphere around me.

This is gonna sound a bit wordy and weird, but it cuts straight to the point: I’m feeling pretty good, and I’m seeing external things that I’ve manifested that are also simultaneously contributing to the maintenance of my good feelings. It’s something that can be visually represented in the shape of a circle – you focus and feel, you energetically put it out there, you see a visual result, the visual result has an impact on what you’re feeling, and your feelings are fueled by the perceptions of the result.

May you clearly see all the good in your life, and all that you currently have to be thankful for. Practicing and nurturing an attitude of gratitude will bring forth all sorts of lovely little things, big things, and everything in between. 🙂

Lady Girl open hands image courtesy of Beshef
Creative Commons 2.0 License