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When I started learning about and working with LoA many years ago, I had a teacher at one time who emphasized the importance of applying the following concept to one’s manifestation work:

I am open to receiving this, or something even better.

More often than not, I’ve found in my own personal experience that the latter part of this statement is what actually shows up – and it really is even better than what I’d initially wanted. Some of our desires are easier to plug into this affirmation, whereas other ones – especially when it comes to love and relationships – can be a bit more challenging.

A New LoA Trend?

From what I’ve seen on the Law of Attraction subreddit, in particular, and a few other social media outlets, there seems to be a trend going on nowadays toward the manifestation of an SP (specific person). I’ve often questioned what this is supposed to mean, exactly, and when this manifestation topic began to be advocated. It was sometime around 2013 or 2014 that I took a break from any LoA work; and up until that point, I’d never heard of that term before. It was always a Soulmate, a Twin Flame, a Love Relationship, or anything else along those lines. Never a Specific Person…

So I did a little research this morning, and I found a post on The Law of which provides insights into manifesting love, in general, and steps for how to obtain that love with a specific person…

I can understand wanting to manifest something specific that is a nonliving thing – such as a particular style of car, a location to live in, a certain amount of money, etc. – but when it comes to a living being that has a right to free will, isn’t utilizing LoA to manifest love with them kind of a violation to this? It reminds me of the controversy pertaining to certain love spells, and their effects on both parties involved – the one casting the spell, and the one who the spell is cast upon.

Questioning Intentions

Let’s say you’re a member of a large community – such as being a student on a university campus – where you get to be around a lot of people. You meet people, make friends, establish relationships, and you have the free will to decide who your closest connections are in your personal life. Maybe there is someone in one or more of your classes, or perhaps in your social circle, that has conveyed an interest in you, but you don’t feel the same way. When you think about it, you really aren’t into them at all – romantically, in particular. Then one day, somewhere down the line, you suddenly start to have feelings for them… and you wonder why this is. Unbeknownst to you, this person was utilizing the law of attraction to make you fall in love with them… and it just so happened to work…

Doesn’t it feel a little violating? That your free will had been tampered with because someone was adamant on manifesting YOU as their desired partner?

Remaining Open to All Possibilities

Perhaps in some instances, it could be eventually realized that maybe you are a good fit for one another; or maybe you both have karmic lessons to work on together. But if this was the case, then wouldn’t the Universe be the connector – through fate or destiny – rather than the other person wanting to make you fall in love with them?

If there is a specific person in your life that you have strong feelings for, but you’re not certain if it’s a mutual thing, it might be a better idea to take note of the qualities and traits that you admire in them and utilize the following affirmation:

I am open and grateful to receive him/her into my love life, or someone even better

When it comes to applying this concept, you allow the Universe to work far more effectively on your behalf. It also allows for some energetic breathing space that doesn’t entirely zero in on one set person. If there does happen to be a mutual interest that is either already there, or has the potential of developing, between you and a specific person, you might be brought together. However, when you place a little more of the emphasis on ‘someone even better’ in your manifestation affirmation, you’re more likely to bring forth someone into your realm that far exceeds your initial expectations.

LoA works in strange, wonderful, magical ways. Though it can be limited to, and by, specifics, why not ask the Universe for more? After all, you DO deserve the very highest and very best in all areas of your life!

Let me know what you think, and I’d love to hear your manifestation success stories! 🙂

Louise Welden Hawkins “Clytie” (detail modified) 19th century image courtesy of Plum leaves Creative Commons 2.0 License