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Hey there! Welcome to the blog of aspiring author and writer, HL Chen. Believe it or not, this is my very first post – EVER. And I’m sure everyone can understand just how challenging it is to take that first essential step into the world of blog writing. There are so many things you can write about; but when you sit down and actually START writing… your mind goes kind of blank. It’s one of the great frustrations of being a writer, I guess. Especially if you tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, like me…

So perhaps I’ll just start with a brief introduction. As of recently, I’ve become a fan of pen names – so from here on out, when it comes to anything I write, I’ll go by the name of HL Chen. It’s fun to have an alias, is it not? The ‘Chen’ part actually has a bit of a humorous story behind it, which I can thank some dear martial arts friends of mine for. Alongside writing, I’m also an avid exercise enthusiast – Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates are part of my life on a daily basis.

I made the decision to go vegetarian in 2012, then vegan in 2015. I’ve been on and off with a gluten free diet for a few years now, but I’ve found that this one is particularly challenging when it comes to finding quick, filling things to eat when you’re out and about – especially when you take your vegan diet into consideration, too. This may be a good topic for a future post, and I’ll happily welcome suggestions from anyone else who is trying to follow a similar diet.

I’ve been fascinated by a broad spectrum of esoteric topics since I was a young kid; and it really is a joy to know that we live in an incredible era where the information we happen to be seeking is so much more easily accessible! I’ll never forget being 12 years old and avidly searching for information on witchcraft (something that I knew absolutely NOTHING about, but felt a mesmerizing pull toward at that time – mainly because a lot of the people I considered to be my friends back then claimed to practice it). The only book I could get my hands on was from the local, small-town library – and I was quite disappointed to learn that it was solely about the HISTORY of witchcraft… No ‘secret’ knowledge to be gleaned, whatsoever. I look back and laugh; because over the years, I’ve come across countless books on not only Wicca and other spiritual practices, but I’ve been led to a wide array of other amazing and life-changing topics – in books, and ESPECIALLY online – such as Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Soul Mates, Meditation, Spirit Guides and Angels, Crystals -the list goes on! Again, more topics for future posts…

So there’s a little bit about some of my interests – I’m sure I’ll find some other kindred spirits out there who share in these wonderful fascinations 🙂

Yoga image courtesy of Jean Henrique Wichinoski
Creative Commons 2.0 License