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So I just signed up with Reddit yesterday, and I’m kind of laughing at myself for why it seemed to take me so long before I finally got involved over there. It’s just another one of those ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’ kind of things. But I’m on now and having a good time with it.

I contributed a post which can also be found here:

Law of Attraction (or LoA, for short) has been a topic that has fascinated me for over a decade now, since I first learned of it and began studying it. The great thing about LoA is that it’s not limited to any one religious or spiritual system (though it does have roots in many of them), but it’s a concept that ANYBODY can work with. All it really takes is believing that we get more than just what we want, but what we choose – and that conscious choice is the cause which will bring us an effect. ‘Like attracting Like’…

Over the past decade, the internet has exploded with guidance and insights pertaining to Law of Attraction, and I believe that now couldn’t be a better time to start contemplating it… and working with it, if one feels drawn to do so. It really is life-altering in a lot of positive ways – especially for those who may have struggled with self-doubt or a victim mentality throughout their lives. It’s empowering to know that you can get what you choose – but I must add that it’s important to keep an open mind, as well. You can be specific, in some respects; but I’ve found along my journey that if you are too specific, and perhaps even rigid about things, one of two things will happen… Either the process will be slowed down, more frustrating, and more challenging (because you’re fighting against a natural flow that is trying to occur), or you will end up manifesting something that really isn’t all that desirable to you.

So even though it’s perfectly okay to let the Universe know what you want, try to keep an open mind when it comes to the end result – which will usually far-exceed what you thought you wanted in the first place 🙂

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